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Factorio server is open for public testing! It is good time to test it out and give us feedback!

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One story ends and another one begins
That story has ended
As you know, my time in military has now ended and I'm free once again. I'm now taking my time to get things done what have been waiting for the last 11 months (for example fixing my car). I'm slowly getting myself once again accustomed to the gaming world. This means I will now have more time to dedicate to the community:
  1. priority is to get the TC V4 done
  2. i want to take a good look at the forum stuff and fix what needs fixing
  3. look at my financial situation and think about updating our server to allow more servers on it
Of course keep in mind that I need to get my private life back on track so I cannot dedicate all of my time to the community :)

Another story begins
However as my story ends, another one begins. June is the month that both me and dragon are here but in July @DragonbornSR will follow the exact same road as I did.

Rumors of Empyrion server
Lately there have been a lot of rumors and speculation that we will be adding an Empyrion server. I'd like to both decline and confirm that rumor - yes I'm thinking and actually planning it but after we have TC V4 online and we have upgraded our server.

Traincraft is ALIVE?
I think some of you may already know this but a mod author is working on Traincraft 1.7.10 and/or 1.9 version as you can see from here:
This probably raises a question: will we once again use it? The answer is "no". As we are currently working with @ZnDevelopment and want to support him and his mod we will be focusing on his mod. However if at one point Traincraft fits and...
Why no news? Why everything is taking time?
Reason is simple, I'm currently on a military camp that lasts until the end of the month. This is my last struggle after which I will finally be free. After this I'm almost fully back guys - my military training ends with this camp (after the camp we only have to maintain and return our equipment).

Anyways as you know, after I return my priority is to get TC V4 up and running. In addition I know some of you have requested this and I also play it sometimes - Empyrion. After Transportcraft is online I'll look into adding Empyrion server to our list. I feel this is good time as the game just released Alpha 1.0.0.
Announcement New staff member

Dear players,

we have reviewed the first applications and we congratulate @SpaceWolfve for passing the staff round and making it into our Staff as Minecraft staff. You will recive your status shortly, make sure to check in at Discord #staff-transportcraft channel to get more information.

Congratulations and other appliers (and also those who still haven't applied), there's still a chance!

More news! Staff selection and future of Transportcraft
Staff selection
As you guys saw, we for the first time opened up staff applications and are looking for extra staff for Transportcraft server. This is due to the fact that @Fishmastr can no longer dedicate his time to the server, also as you know @Ranub1s , @Vulgarel and me are less active due to our work. We have felt quite some time that we need extra and fresh hands so this is the result.

There are few applications that are arrived and I imagine first decision will be soon.

Transportcraft V4 - build events
Some of you probably saw, that we wanted to do a build event where winner's build will be in the new spawn. However the method I tried to give out didn't work so I have to figure that out properly. Current event was cancelled but if possile I still want to still do it.

Transportcraft V4 - ETA
Due to the fact that @Fishmastr is no longer dedicating his time to minecraft and @Ranub1s + @Vulgarel both have a lot of work the release has been delayed. I've been helping them as much as I can, but I estimate that V4 won't be released before I'm back from the military (somewhere in June) as I'm away the entire May. This probably means when we release znd has maybe new tracks (slopes) and even maybe some trains in it?

Transportcraft V4 - New mods?
I've been taking this time to also test out some the mods you guys have requested and we have denied previously. One that left a good impression to me is MCHeli:
  • it's stable
  • didn't have noticable bugs.
To be honest I would even add it if we could:
  • Remove weapons
  • If we...
Hey guys,

as you guys have lately seen, the current staff is not very active anymore. There are several reason for that but I shall not go into the depths. Also some of us have derived from the Minecraft mania and frankly we feel that we need new and younger minds to join the group.

That's why we have decided to go against our policy and are now taking in applications for you guys to join Transportcraft staff. We are also lifting our policy that you need to be a long time member, although that's a good bonus to have.

What do we want from you?
  • You are capable of staying calm in all situations
  • You have at least some basic knowledge of Minecraft mods
  • You are willing to help other players
  • You know where to look for help yourself (mod wikis etc)
  • You do not betray our trust
So yes, for the first time in the history of our community, Staff applications are now OPEN!

You can find the application form here!

PS: Your application can only be seen by you and staff members.

More news!
Discord & Transportcraft (starting from V4)
Discord chat channel #transportcraft and Transportcraft server starting from V4 (also current DEV) is syced which means you see that channel chat in-game and in-game chat in that channel. This is also one more way to further get better communication. I'm looking into also getting dynmap to sync with them, but problably I cannot do much regarding that.

Information regarding Zora no Densha (what I know)
@ZnDevelopment has moved/is moving his wiki to Github which you can find here. Here are few things that I know are in the next update, which hopefully we have by the next update:
In addition I know that his next plans (after current work) consists of getting sloped tracks in the pack.

News time!
OpenTTD has now the new version of FIRS, all other mods are still at the same version.

Move from Teamspeak to Discord has proven to be success as we see a lot more usage of it than we had with Teamspeak, communication between players and team has gotten a lot better.

On this weekend I've managed to do some more annoying things. In addition I've decided to share to you about the spawn. Fish and Ranub1s have found an awesome location, which we are working on getting built:
It's a middle of 2 huge mainlands (north and south) and 2 huge oceans (west and east). This gives access to the spawn via land and sea. We are building a canal between the oceans so the ships can travel through.
In addition there is a small extra packaged into the new version which will problably make some of you surprised.

More secure forum
We are in progress of switching our forum to use https instead of http which will make data transfer more secure. Not that we have issues with security, but still.

I felt as there was a long time emptiness regarding news I needed to post another one next to last week

It's been too long since last news.
Things progressing slowly
Firstly, I'd like to tell you that as you have noticed things are progressing very slowly right now - it's due to the reason that as you know, my military training is slowly coming to it's end (less than 2 months remaining) and they have finally found out, that I'm useful, so I'm running around most of the day. This has decreased my time to focus on a lot of things.

Transportcraft & it's future
As I said earlier I've been mostly away not even noticing that our Minecraft's virtual machine was messed up (other staff has notified me about this but I just didn't have time to check it). I finally got LIVE server back online but with the loss of all other dimensions (end, nether, deep dark etc).

Thanks to this, development of V4 was also stopped because dev server was offline and people could not work on it. This is also back online.

Also, as we know that @ZnDevelopment is currently working on trains, we plan to time our release with ZND train update, if not before but I will not promise anything due to myself being highly inactive.

OpenTTD has been back online also plus I updated it to version 1.6.0, which I wasn't aware that existed because they didn't post news about it. I will problably some time around this week look at it's mod list also.

Factorio is a project run entirely by fish and he has full access to everything regarding it. That is why he could work on it although he couldn't do the same with transportcraft - he just doesn't need me for it, he can get every help from our drunk penguin :)

EDIT: @Fishmastr
Factorio had 2 major problems during the last weeks:
Desyncs on join...
Announcement Discord public
We decided, after finally managing to do a sound check, to use Discord as our main communication platform. We have replaced all Teamspeak links with Discord, however we won't close Teamspeak. It will stay as an backup and if you want to use it with friends who prefer to use Teamspeak.

But yes, Discord will be our main location. It's also one easy location to get in contact with our staff.
Here is the link: https://discordapp.com/invite/0tBR2vWQYP3ZnQiw

All of it's features can be used in all platforms, even web (yes, voice channels work on browser). Also we are keeping the option on that you can use it without registering like Teamspeak, although it's recommended to register so that others won't use your name.​

Time for some news!
New & more modern platform

Recently I've seen players talking about and using a new app named Discord. What it is? It's Teamspeak + Skype + Slack built together with a nice modern UI. At first I didn't like the app as we cannot host it on our server, but on the other hand after I started thinking that is actually good:
  • less server resource usage
  • if our server is down players can still reach us
Currently we are testing the app with our staff to decide if we will replace our Teamspeak server with it or not. My current opinion is that we will replace our Teamspeak server + Slack (a chat communication application we use with staff) with it as it has more option, 2 of our needed applications built together, it's UI is nice and in-game overlay is a lot better than Teamspeak's Overwolf (for example you can actually adjust each player's voice volume in that UI etc).

Factorio testings
As far as I know, factorio server is holding up, however there are some issues we need to figure out before it's good to go.

Other games / servers
I'm interested to know, what other games you guys play. Maybe there is some other server you would like to see under our community?