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News News time

Firstly, I'd like to apologize that I've been away for the last 2 weeks. It's been a hell in the military (we even had heightened security level after the Paris attacks) and this weekend when I finally got home, I've been just sleeping the entire days. Things will hopefully get better this week.

Coming Transportcraft update
I can see that some people have learn't somewhere that once Transportcraft pack reaches to our goal (fully working trains etc) and is not labeled in development anymore there will be a map reset - that is certainly incorrect. Transportcraft server will not have a map reset unless it is heavliy needed or community wishes so (which is highly unlikely).

Also the update has been delayed due to my absence. Sorry about this.

Faster updates
In the future, updates are planned to come out faster (1 per 1-2 weeks). To get this implemented we need to do few things which we are still uncertain how to do and depends how things will go on my side after Christmas after I have moved back to my initial division.

New Horizons
As you can see we are slowly moving ahead with our New Horizons project. There are already few changes here and there around the forums and more to come.​
Hello. As we are slowly moving towards general purpose gaming forum, I have started making small changes here and there.

First of all, I changed our logo to more game-neutral. I know many of you were fund of our old one, as were I, but it was too minecraft orientated. Here is the old logo, just to leave a image to remember in this thread.
Anyways, I have been adding different trophies to forum, I know some people like to collect them. Also added cool quotes under some to make them cooler. I know 1230james already noticed them and posted profile update. That means, they are important. Some more trophies will be made in time for owning different games we all play in steam for example. The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim is already giving a trophy.

Furthermore, Forums are getting refactored to make room in main page for more games in the future. There will be no big category for each server now, instead we make sub-forums. All content is still inside, untouched.

Also small notifications on right lower side of the forum will pop up. They show you different tips or reminders. At this time there is only teamspeak notification, expect more to come. They can be dismissed with X button in the corner, after that, they will not anymore appear.

PS. leaving The Society wallpaper in FHD for some fans!
Bacoground Image The Society 2016.png <- click to view!

Expect more changes,
This will probably be our biggest news since 2011. One warning before hand: this is our inital idea and we want to hear your opinion so this aint certain.

Project: The Society - New Horizons
I'm now gonna talk about something I've been thinking about since the beginning of year. Until now, our community has always been based on one single server / modpack / game but in my opinion is that it is wrong. We have tried running other kinds of servers but all fruitless.

This comes to this: We know we have people who play other games with groups of people, we know people in our community have their own smaller or maybe even bigger servers. So why not make our community actually into a community?

Basically what we are introducing now, is how we want to evolve: We want to open up our community for players, we want you to decide. We are now allowing our members to host your own clans, factions, teams & etc for any game in our community (you will get your own controlled subforum and Teamspeak channel). In addition to this maybe you have your own small server, even home hosted or even same server we officially have? Want to share it? We will give you same things: teamspeak channel, forum sub-section.

Where's the limit? The only limit is that whoever makes the clan or server needs to have been a member of our community for some time so we have any glue who he/she is. If the community isn't happy with your work then it's a no.

What will we and you gain from this? The community will actually turn into a community and allow players who have moved on from games hosted by us to re-join our community. You who will join us with your clan or server will be also part of community.

This idea is still W.I.P and it's concept can change over time. Feel free to throw in your own opinions.

What about Transportcraft and OpenTTD?
They will still stay like they are. Transportcraft will start to get...​

After a break here're latest news. Nothing big this time since I've been busy at my military.

Transporcraft update
It's still in progress, staff is currently testing and hopefully it won't be long until it's up.

Server perfomance
Currently I can tell that server performance is a lot better after removing EnderIO. TPS is good, tick time is very good for modded server. No can't keep up error messages.

OpenTTD got it's first release canditate of 1.5.3 series so we can except update soon. Current change log is here.​

It's time. This week I have some good news this week

Trains & tracks

We received a unreleased version of ZnD that will be added to the pack in NEXT version if no issues occur. I talked more about it's features in the last news post.

Since the poll showed that we should remove EnderIO, it will be done in the next version. I don't know how much of the bases have their pipe network rebuilt on the server but for now server tick time is very good.

Live map

I will problably reactivate dynmap in the next update if things go well.

Area protection, permissions etc
If all goes well, next version will also get working permissions, area protections (similar to worldguard, staff managed).

Suprising bonuses

If no issues arise, next version will also get 2 small mod addons: Malis Advert and Catwalks 2.

This currently summarises my ideas for this week.

Since server lag got too strong, I forcibly deletetdall EnderIO objects (server tick time went from 20-60ms to 1-3ms). Mod is still in, but you cannot craft conduits anymore. Future of the mod itself will be decided by you in here.

Although yes our server is still considered in development I could just leave things like they are, but I decided that everybody who want will be compensated. Our staff can give you replacement for lost conduits and equipment, (EnderIO conduits > Thermal Dynamics ducts).

Yes, some of you may hate me for this, but in my eyes, we want to get things playable and Opis (and searching in MC communities) has shown me that EnderIO conduits cause lag.

Tips for the future:
If you design your networks, add buffers after every few chunks. By buffers I mean, chests for item transport, energy cells for energy transport etc so server doesn't have to do massive calculations.​
It's news time.

Transportcraft update
Transportcraft servers has been finally updated. We now have Thermal Dynamics in and we plan to remove EnderIO completely in later updates. Also this update fixed the issue of having 2 maps (Opis and Journeymap). As I mentioned earlier, Curse Voice now downloads automatically the latest update. In the next few days I plan to add shops that convert EnderIO conduits to TD ducts.
In the next updates I plan to work on Archimedes mod config finally and check other configs also. Also I want to work on getting area protection back.

ZnD & future

ZnD mod wasn't in this update yet, but if all goes well it will be in the next update and it should already be able to run Minecraft and Railcraft carts :p @ZnDevelopment wants us to be the first the get the new update :)

Fishmastr's concept
Also, I will talk a bit more about our other secret project that is being ran by @Fishmastr. As you know, in OpenTTD server what keeps players busy is that there is always production/demand done by factories. In Traincraft 3 we saw people build awesome train networks, but they were empty because it was rare when somebody could transport something to somewhere. Same we are seeing in Transportcraft. No goods moving. So after playing a while, Fish came up with an idea: let's implement supply/demand into our server. He has started working on a Mod designed for our server that introduces this. Basically the idea is that there are supply chest and producing chests and you need to transport goods between those chests to earn points/rewards/items. He has already made something that actually works and we'll see how it develops and when it will...​
Announcement Transportcraft updated

Our Transportcraft server has been updated to V3.7.0.0. This update still has EnderIO in but if Thermal Dynamics proves to be successful EnderIO will be completely (probably completely) removed. No ZnD yet, since tracks become functional for minecarts in v0.8.

Remember, our pack is now available in Curse Voice and FTB.

How to get the latest modpack
As I though, Curse Voice now downloads the latest version and update button works.​

Another news updated brought to you by me :p

Joining the community
Today, I was sitting in a boring lesson and started thinking, let's join all of our chats! This means right now I'm working on joining Minecraft, OpenTTD and forum chatbox using IRC, which means you should be able to see our chat from: mobile IRC apps, desktop apps, web clients, forum, Minecraft server and OpenTTD server. I'll see how it works out. The aim of this is to increase the feel that our servers belong to one community.

As you noticed, I reworked our OpenTTD server and it should now be more interesting. Also by the looks of this poll, I will change the server's end date to make the games longer.

Transportcraft's update
I pushed our update to FTB, after FTB pushes it to the server, it can take some time until I update our server because you know, my time is limited. This update still has EnderIO in but if Thermal Dynamics proves to be successful EnderIO will be completely (probably completely) removed.

FTB & Curse Voice
Curse Voice now works also on Mac and if Mac build proves to be successful, they will add Linux version also. After they have all 3 main platforms: Windows, OS X and Linux supported, FTB launcher will no longer be FTB's official launcher, they will completely move into Curse Voice. FTB launcher will stay available but it won't be supported.
Reason for this is that Curse Voice downloads pack mods directly from mod authors curse page, which increases their downloads and mod authors actually get rewarded for their mods.

This our current small list of news.​
Announcement OpenTTD Overhaul
Finally, I installed a linux computer for myself which allowed me to tweak our OpenTTD server a lot. I changed quite a bit in the settings also completely rebuilt NewGRF based on players feedback which I have received over time.

This our new newGRF list:
Due to changes in NewGRF I shifted the starting time to 1930 (from 1900) due to not having any available road vehicles. Also I'm looking into getting more features for our server using additional scripts.

Also as a sidenote: I found out that Android version of OpenTTD works also with our server :)