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This is my second attempt to write news today. First one failed.

Rules & why we are enforcing them
Lately I have seen a lot of heated discussions, that we (me, Vulga, Ranub1s and Fish) have basically lost it by starting to enforce rules too much and punishments have become too strict. If feel I need to clarify why is it so. Why do we have so much of those god damn rules? Here is the list of reasons:
  • Some rules are just implement because they have caused issues in the past that can unstabilize theserver, which has resulted in: big lags, server crashes and in worst case scenarios world corruption which means world reset
  • As we currently have no protection systems on the server, some rules are there so we can punish people who try to destroy, steal your stuff, builds etc
  • Language limitation thisis purely in, because we cannot understand most of the languages and do notknow if you mean well with what is written or not, just today there was case were a player wrote something about fish, as we did not understand it, I passed it into several translations and this is what I got:
    As you can see the translation shows us this as a insulting text, which caused an misunderstanding. Correct Translation: "Fishy is a little bit of a whiner, for the people who understand this."
  • Some rules are there to prevent issues between community members which I have seen a lot in my time with gaming communities, for example the religion and ideology prevention rule. I've seen a lot of cases were people say they feel offended by your writings and things like that.
  • The other rules are just there because they are common sense.
Something else, I'd like to add is that nothing is absolute, you want to break a rule for some reason, please contact us and we will find a solution, in...
I'll post this ahead so you guys can prepare ahead and remove your stuff from them. In the next update we wil remove following from the server:
First one will be removed for being too OP and second one is causing performance issues in certain situations.
Announcement Server rules
Dear members,

Our rules for the server are written for a reason. If you do not keep them, we have to do something. This time I'm talking about usage of wings. The rules clearly state:
However I've seen it with my own eyes that people do not respect this rule, now I heard there was a fight with wings between staff and players? What's going on, are rules there for you to ignore them? I won't even start to mention the language of some of the players that I saw in the logs.

As of now, if I see anybody else using wings not according to rules, I will remove wings from the server permanently. Unfortunately this is the only thing I can do if you do not respect rules which are written for a reason.

Hey, hey, it's time for some news.

I feel it's time to say some Thank You's
Firstly I'd like to thank everybody who are voting for our servers at PlanetMinecraft and Minecraft Forums. Under 1.7.10 servers we are second on the list on Minecraft forums and on 4th page on Planet Minecraft. That's quite a feat.

Also I'd like to thank everyone who are playing on our server, I'm glad to see that there is at least somebody on the server mostly and that forum activity has risen.

Also I'd like to thank our staff, who has tried to take several steps to get things more interesting, even building their own mods.

Talk with ZnD
Now that zora is now back in action after being ill for some time, I had a little chat with him. Firstly what are his next plans? He is going to focus on getting rolling stock into the mod. In-addition, the gravel ballast issue should now be resolved and is breakable after the next update.

I also submitted few of my ideas that he says he will take into consideration:
- Look at track breaking, maybe speed it up a bit
- Do not automatically destroy track blueprint if you destroy ground under it, maybe just disable building it, this would we useful for planning the layout then add ballast and then build.
- Different blueprints should have different icons in the inventory to distinguish them
Blueprints: maybe add an icon on the bottom right which shows what type it is: turn left, switch left, straight etc
And on top left extra modifiers for example: 0-11, 11-18, 18-45 and for straight 11, 18, 45

If @ZnDevelopment wants to add / correct something then feel free to do so :)

Immersive Engineering
As it currently stands IE will be in the next update without doubt. It's fun and practical mod, I was just thinking that it would be awesome to have authentic power lines...

The first month of the year 2016 is coming to an end and here are the latest news!

Where is Transportcraft update?
Due to several reasons, this update requires us to do a lot more of configuration than the previous updates. Also, thanks to the latest mod request (not mine) we are in need of more testing and you know how little I have time.

Something to clear regarding ZnD train mod
There's something I'd like to state: ZnD tracks actually can be used. You can push minecarts onto it if you place them on vanilla tracks and connect them with Znd Tracks. Regarding slopes, you can temporarily use vanilla tracks, just remember to keep a lot of space since ZnD slopes probably won't 1 block long :D (looking at switches and curves, keep at least 8 blocks for oen level change). This means we can already plan railnetwork and even eactually use it.

Instructions to build tracks can be found here:
Only track pack currently implemented is:

State of our mods and 1.8
Some of us have asked when are we planning to move to 1.8. Answer is: not in the near time. Currently about half of our mods are updated to 1.8. Some mods like Big Reactors are completely dead. That's why we are looking into alternatives like Immersive Engineering.

Debate in staff
Some of our staff members have come to an conclusion, that we should ban quarries and only keep Mining Lasers as quarries are too over-powered. This also due to the fact that they want to make transportation and trading a more important part of our modpack, as there's a plan that by transporting Fish's mod cargo you will start earning needed resources with that method or trading. Still is still in progress of discussion but we'd like to hear your thoughts.

That's it for now....​
Due to the fact that new players tend to build their builds near other settlements, we've added a new rules for Transportcraft server. Please check them out @ Transporcraft rules.

So I reccomend to keep quite some distance from settlements, more the better. Here are few bad examples:
Both settlement south-east from JB-s city and south-west are built too near for them to exapnd. Highway is also a bit too near, but that is something that can be included in the city so that's okay.

Settlement east and south-east is too close for Tallinn. Thanks to that we have expand to the west. Thankly we have that option. I'd even say settlement south of Tallinn is too near.

I'd say minimal space between settlements should be something like there is between Tallinn and Alphen. Yes, for now it's hard to move long distance but it will get better with future updates and would also give our modpack - Transportcraft a meaning.

It's time to bring together this weeks news.

Community down
This week has been one of the bumpiest week yet. Around 12 o'clock, Tuesday, our server operating system failed. There are several problems that occurred including that the server didn't even start, which I think may have caused by operating system update that was probably done by somebody sometime (server works for several months straight, so it's hard to know when).

However this gave us an opportunity to implement several things we have planned. Our server is no longer running as one big system, we have divided it into modules, using Virtualization technology, so this means that when one module fails, others stay up. If the server itself fails, it's easy to move files, no need to re-configure things. This has interestingly also shown us an increase in performance.

We got back online yesterday evening.

I'm working on the next update. If my plans go right, there will be several additions, one of them being the long awaited chunck claiming, but this time it has an UI also :p

What are the other additions will be revealed with the changelog :)

Changes in livemap
Due to using our virtualization technology, we had to change how dynmap / live map works. It's harder to get it working, but easier later on. On the bottom right corner there is a login button, click there:
You will now be asked to create and account. Use your mc account as User ID name to register, to get the Registration code, you need to type /dynmap webregister in-game.
Now you can login to dynmap from any network. Before you were supposed to have logged into the server from the same network to use it.

Reworked forums...​
Dear members,

Our server is now fully re-installed and all of our services are back online. However things haven't been set-up excatly as they were before. We have done several changes here and there and have gained the following:
  • If something breaks, everything else does not break anymore
  • It looks like servers have gained performance
  • We can now also run Windows only servers/stuff
  • In case of server failure or server change, it's now quite easy to move things
Basically we have rebuilt most of server systems and it should be now more modular and easier to manage.
Important Server down

Dear players,

yesterday morning our server's operating system crashed. For the entire day we tried to recover it and contacted hosting company to make sure if there aren't any hardware failures. Sadly our conclusion is that we need to reinstall it.

Good thing is that we have access to all of our files, which means nothing will be lost.

Currently our server is in recovery mode which means it's not actually running, but we hacked our web-systems back online to keep you posted on information, which can collapse any second. We are in progress of backing up all of our files (servers, web files, configs etc) and plan to reinstall our server on Friday. This means that our we will probably be back online by Saturday evening.

As you already saw yesterday, if your web-system fails or re-install is in progress, we will keep you up to date in our Twitter (if it's not down again like yesterday), Facebook and Steam page.