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Factorio server is open for public testing! It is good time to test it out and give us feedback!

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If possible next month I plan to replace our server to newer one. Current one is getting old. We would be upgrading from:
CPU:  i7-4770 - > i7-6700
RAM: 32GB DDR3 -> 64GB DDR4
1 Gbit/s-Port (Guaranteed: 200 Mbit/s) -> 1 Gbit/s-Port (Guaranteed: 1 Gbit/s) + IPv6 support
Disks would be the same:
However as that would require us once again to have 2 servers parallel so we can move the stuff + setup fee for the new server, it will cost me quite a bit. I've updated this months donation goal so if any of you have any spare cash in your pocket, share it with us (even small bits like 1-2€ help).

It has been requested quite some time and I haven't forgot this. Actually today I got our own dedicated server working. I managed to connect and with one player I did not notice any lag.

Starting from next week I want to see how much resources the server needs. If anybody wants to be a tester, let me know down in the comments!
Depending the results of this test we will see if the server can run on our current server or do we need to wait until the server has been replaced.

Server is currently on the latest stable release: Alpha 3.0.0 #0543

@Fishmastr has stated that the Factorio server will be worked on again when 0.13 will be marked as Stable/Release on Steam.

I will take a look at our NewGRFs to check for updated versions.

There will soon be a small update featuring some config changes, few mod updates that can be updated. In addition Storage Drawers Controller Slaves will be removed (they may be the cause for the world crash between...
Our server is experiencing technical problems, and due to this:
  • E-mail systems are offline
  • Web systems are operating and minimal mode (for example you can't upload any files (attachments) to the forum)
  • There can be downtimes.
Due to this, if the forum is down, fall back to our
Twitter https://twitter.com/kerts93/lists/the-society
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/thesociety.eu
Discord https://discord.gg/0tBR2vWQYP3ZnQiw

We are sorry for the inconviences!

It's quiet.
People are away
Now that the pack has been released we can all sit a bit more back and relax. For me it's vacation at work right now so I'm away at the countryside. I'm taking a look at the applications and bug reports in the evening but that's almost it for now.
I know most of the staff members are also a bit busy with their life right now so you can expect slow response times.

My small side project
Although being at the countryside and thanks to some luck I've had a chance to work on my small side-project. I know most of you know that I play a lot of OMSI (Bus Simulator). I've been slowly working towards opening up my own virtual bus company which has now finally happened. You could also consider this as a clan thus I've added it to the official clans list also. I imagine most of you aren't interested in it, but if you are, you can find more information @ http://gobus.tk/
The thing I like about this is that we use an addon called Advanced Omnibus Driver to make this all work and since it doesn't render other players in real time like ETS2MP and ATSMP does it can be played with very bad internet connection, which I have over here.

That's it for now, not much of news but I wanted to share it to you.

This time there are also sad news.
Staff changes
As @Fishmastr stated, he has resigned after a long career from our staff. I'd like to thank him on behalf of our community for helping us for so long and dedicating his time into improving us. Thankly we do not have to say goodbye, he still will stay as a member but will not be so active anymore.

@DragonbornSR has started his part in the military similarly to what I had. Except to not see him until May 2017 and wish him good luck.

In addition @brandypenguin is now officially listed in the staff as he has been our hidden staff member for quite some time. He is the one responsible on keeping our server technically running (you could say he's a linux technical guru :)) so if we have downtimes and I'm not available feel free to poke him.

I've finally returned the forum rank names to normal!

As some of you know, Transporcraft server crashed on Tuesday. That is due to a bug in Storage Drawers. Right now we are waiting on the developers feedback. If we do not recive any or the feedpack isn't usable we will think what do we do, shall we replace it with another mod or.

We have opened up several new applications, make sure to take a look. We are planning on adding more! Rule changes are incoming soon, we are currently reviewing the first revision.

We have added a new poll: How many of you are still interested in Factorio server?
We have our first crash on the server. We are trying to determine to cause. Thanks to this I'd like to know:
- Who have used thermal dynamics ducts to retrive items from somewhere (I'd like to know which mod causes this)

Issue is that some mod gives Thermal Dynamics invalid inventory data.
We managed to somehow get it back online but I'd like to know:

Newsy time!
Big release done
Well, our Transportcraft V4 has been released and things are progressing smoothly. I'd like for you to read the release thread as it has several important information pieces which I can see that people haven't checked.

About the 1000 block rule between settlements and base. How will I consider who was at the location first? According to map marker applications which are here. I will look at them according to post date (oldest to newest) so if you want your area as you owner, you need a map marker.

In addition I'd like to thank people who have reported bugs @ our bug report forum section and please others also, if you find bugs report them there. If you report them anywhere else (in-game, discord etc) there is a 90% I will forget it.

The Future..
..of Transportcraft
Our first biggest milestone is the coming of Trains, but that is something out of our hands :) It's @ZnDevelopment 's job.
Also another bigger step is revising the rules.

1.8, 1.9 & 1.10
I know we have talked about moving to 1.8 and so on. Here is the current state for our mods:
I will say this though. If the update is going to happen, it will be directly to 1.10 and it won't happen before ZND is on that version. For while the entire MC modding community seemed like it was that but the releases of 1.9 and 1.10 have revived it once again as most mods that worked on 1.9 work almost without no effort on 1.10 and I've heard 1.8->1.9 is also quite no problem so a lot of mods...

Guys, it's time.
Transportcraft version is finally open to the public. The pack has been pushed to FTB and manual link is already updated. In addition Java 8 is now more like a requirement rather than a suggestions as most mods have it as required Java version. Full list of mods can be found here.

Needed to know
- Do not use znd things before next znd update, they will break.
- There are a lot of recipe changes. Before crafting an item make sure the RECIPE is available (some disabled items are not shown in NEI some just do not have recipes due to Minetweaker bug).
- Storage drawers cannot be moved while filled, if for some special reason you need to move them, staff can do it.
- Expect rule changes soon, as we are looking them over and changing then.
- Like we told at the end of old server: Keep a long distance between settlements (minimum 1000 blocks, I'd recommend at least 5000). Failure to do so can result in removal of your settlement if the first settlement in area does request so.
- We are once again using permission system for interactions and commands
- We are using 2 area protection systems
- There is only 1 nether portal and no way to add more. Some of nether items can be found on spawn shops due to this then.

Interesting to know

When you spawn you will receive a bit of our server currency items which you can use to get some basic stuff around spawn. Here is an image of some stuff available in the spawn shops:

First of the Fish's industries area already in game and this time they give you money. More info and tutorial how...

A small status update
If all goes well I will push the update to FTB tomorrow
Tomorrow I plan to do the last of recipes, clean up the dev pack and look if I have not missed anything + take a look at few bugs fish, ranu and space have reported to me. If all of that is clear I will send the update to FTB tomorrow evening although I'm a bit reluctant as I'm available from Tuesday to Thursday as I have 12h long workdays.

If this happens, I will post the needed information with the release post.

OpenTTD has released a new update 1.6.1. We have updated our server accordingly. After the release of Transportcraft I will look over the NewGRF also.

Changelog: http://de.binaries.openttd.org/binaries/releases/1.6.1/changelog.txt
Download it here

This time I have nothing much to say.
We have closed down the old Transportcraft server and have moved the new dev server over the old server. That's why you can see the server online but for everybody it says you are not whitelisted.

As you can predict this means we are close to release. I'm planning to submit the update to FTB around this weekend (on it or after it), depending if we find something that still needs to be done.

Some of you have asked for mod list. You can find it on the forums if you look around. I know at least 2 posts where this is shown. In addition some of you have thought what the world looks like. The live map you can see is the new server.

More detailed information will come with release thread.