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First the most important news!

Zora no Densha update
Yes, guys there is now a timeframe. @ZnDevelopment posted on their Discord on Monday, that the znd mod will release it's next version in 14 days if everything goes well. That means, you can excpect the new version by the next weekend if all goes well.

Train station event
This means you need to start wrapping up on the Train station build event. The deadline for the event will be week later from the date we will add the updated znd version into our pack!
The event will be judged by me, @ZnDevelopment and @ZnD_Xen if all goes according to plans.

The new znd version will be added into the Transportcraft modpack as soon as possible. In addition we (mostly @Ranub1s ) tried out Reactorcraft for adding it to modpack, but the idea will not happen. This means we are still on the lookout for Big Reactors replacement.

I've also received reports that the current version of Schematica is buggy. I will be doing a small bugfix for that in the next update also.

New server - FS17!
Next week a new Farming Simulator 17 is being released. As both me and @SpaceWolfve enjoy the game we decided to add it's server to our community so if there is somebody else interested, you know where to find us.
Important Warning TiC
Hello, if you are using TiC 2.5.4 please delete it since it contains a virus/trojan that will try to acces your webcam and send it to some internet addres and will try to infect other pcs in your network!
Delete TiC 2.5.4 if you downloaded it!

Good day my fellow players. Here are some news.

Server move
Server move was successful and went by without any problems and also was probably the fastest move we have ever done.. This proves our current server system is working nicely.

Who know a bit more about tech stuff, may have noticed that we now use https instead of http. This means our server has now certified SSL and the connection to our webs should be more secure. One of the reasons we have done this is beacuse for example Chrome is planning to start enforcing SSL connection and will prefer SSL connections.

@Ranub1s is now the lead of our Empyrion project and according to his word we are good to go public with our server!

As @Fishmastr is no longer MC staff & @Ranub1s is mostly working on Empyrion, I'm keeping an eye on who to offer new staff positions on the Transportcraft server.
In addition we are working on a small update.

By the request of @ZnDevelopment I've unbanned @ZnD_Xen he has access to helpdesk and development section of our forum. Additionally today I unbanned him from Discord also. I'm going to monitor how he behaves and if I don't see any issues I will unban him completely. This is due to the reason that I've been in communication with him and I can see he takes things more professionally.

That's it for now guys.
We have ordered the new server and plan the move on next Wednesday & Thursday (21 & 22) so you can expect downtime on any of our systems. Exceptions are Discord, which is not ran on our server.

Stats of the new server can be found here: http://forum.thesociety.eu/index.php?threads/12th-of-august.2799/
Notable changes are twice the amount of RAM and better internet connection.
Train mods

As most of you have problably heard, Traincraft has been released for 1.7.10. Before anybody else asks, no we will not be using it. As the train mod is the core of our modpack, I prefer to have the mod author in our community, which @ZnDevelopment is and thanks to that we will be staying true Zora No Densha mod.

Then you perhaps would like to know when we get the next znd update and what to expect? Well he is making good progress and the estimates are good, (I'd say very good), I will not say anything more specific, he will tell when he is certain or he will surprise us :)

I also asked about tracks as a lot of people are concerned. No, slopes won't be in the next update, however this can be bybassed using vanilla rails, yes znd trains can use vanilla tracks according to zora. Slopes are planned later in the future, as the tracks will be separated from the main mod. This again raises question, when it goes into separate mod, do we have to rebuild the tracks? Answer is yes, however there will be a period when znd will have built-in tracks and the separate mod is running at the same time, which allows the conversion of tracks without mayor breakdowns. Additionally we will be creating a custom recipes to convert tracks free of charge, unless zora thinks a better solution for it :)

Server update
As things stand, we plan to have our server upgrade this month, although only 2 people have donated to our cause - which a bit sad. More information as things progress.

A bit of news!
Transporcraft update
Transportcraft modpack and server has been updated to V4.0.5.0 Changelog can be found here Version || August 2016 || Week 5
Like always latest version can be downloaded via Curse launcher and for those who want to install it manually, go here.

With this update we are allowing you once again to connect Thermal Dynamic Ducts to Storage Drawers. If our information is correct then Controller slaves were what caused world corruption and they are removed.

And no, ZND stays at it is, it's not reccomended to use it yet, as the mod has not been updated yet.

ZND mod
We can see via znd twitter that the mod is progressing.

Make sure to follow their twitter for more information!

I have finally updated the NewGRF files. Also since we missed tropic climate for the summer I changed to it now.

Factorio has been updated to 0.13 branch and is live again. More information here: http://forum.thesociety.eu/index.php?threads/factorio-server-2.2810/
If possible next month I plan to replace our server to newer one. Current one is getting old. We would be upgrading from:
CPU:  i7-4770 - > i7-6700
RAM: 32GB DDR3 -> 64GB DDR4
1 Gbit/s-Port (Guaranteed: 200 Mbit/s) -> 1 Gbit/s-Port (Guaranteed: 1 Gbit/s) + IPv6 support
Disks would be the same:
However as that would require us once again to have 2 servers parallel so we can move the stuff + setup fee for the new server, it will cost me quite a bit. I've updated this months donation goal so if any of you have any spare cash in your pocket, share it with us (even small bits like 1-2€ help).

It has been requested quite some time and I haven't forgot this. Actually today I got our own dedicated server working. I managed to connect and with one player I did not notice any lag.

Starting from next week I want to see how much resources the server needs. If anybody wants to be a tester, let me know down in the comments!
Depending the results of this test we will see if the server can run on our current server or do we need to wait until the server has been replaced.

Server is currently on the latest stable release: Alpha 3.0.0 #0543

@Fishmastr has stated that the Factorio server will be worked on again when 0.13 will be marked as Stable/Release on Steam.

I will take a look at our NewGRFs to check for updated versions.

There will soon be a small update featuring some config changes, few mod updates that can be updated. In addition Storage Drawers Controller Slaves will be removed (they may be the cause for the world crash between...
Our server is experiencing technical problems, and due to this:
  • E-mail systems are offline
  • Web systems are operating and minimal mode (for example you can't upload any files (attachments) to the forum)
  • There can be downtimes.
Due to this, if the forum is down, fall back to our
Twitter https://twitter.com/kerts93/lists/the-society
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/thesociety.eu
Discord https://discord.gg/0tBR2vWQYP3ZnQiw

We are sorry for the inconviences!

It's quiet.
People are away
Now that the pack has been released we can all sit a bit more back and relax. For me it's vacation at work right now so I'm away at the countryside. I'm taking a look at the applications and bug reports in the evening but that's almost it for now.
I know most of the staff members are also a bit busy with their life right now so you can expect slow response times.

My small side project
Although being at the countryside and thanks to some luck I've had a chance to work on my small side-project. I know most of you know that I play a lot of OMSI (Bus Simulator). I've been slowly working towards opening up my own virtual bus company which has now finally happened. You could also consider this as a clan thus I've added it to the official clans list also. I imagine most of you aren't interested in it, but if you are, you can find more information @ http://gobus.tk/
The thing I like about this is that we use an addon called Advanced Omnibus Driver to make this all work and since it doesn't render other players in real time like ETS2MP and ATSMP does it can be played with very bad internet connection, which I have over here.

That's it for now, not much of news but I wanted to share it to you.