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  1. GameBurrow

    End of Transportcraft

    Yesterday on Discord I wrote how I attempted to get Transporcraft server running normally. Result was that I wasn't able to do it. That combined with the fact that we have lost our MC guru Vulga, most of the staff and frankly my own interest has been dropping more and more I have decided to stop...
  2. GameBurrow

    Denied Longer-distance cables

    Looks like the mod is dead. No updates since March.
  3. GameBurrow

    Transportcraft update to

    My Twitch client finally works normally again, so here's a long awaited update. Download link: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/the-society-transportcraft/files/2846910 Server has already been updated. Update pushed to Curseforge.
  4. GameBurrow

    Server list & status

    Due to several requests, Space Engineers server is now online!
  5. GameBurrow

    Transportcraft update

    A small update for our previous update Transportcraft update & server changes Download: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/the-society-transportcraft/files/2827143
  6. GameBurrow

    Transportcraft update & server changes

    It's been a while. On the client side this only a regular update with mod and forge updates (long awaited updates yay), however everything regarding the server has been completely changed. The server is now what we call Dockerized. This means I can run the server on any machine without almost...
  7. GameBurrow

    How to use modpack with AT Launcher

    Currently there is an issue, that resourcepacks (IR trains) are downloading into mods folder instead of resoucepacks folder You can monitor this issue here: Curseforge packs downloads resourcepacks into wrong folder · Issue #378 · ATLauncher/ATLauncher 1. Install and download AT Launcher from...
  8. GameBurrow

    Requires action from mod author(s) CD pack for Immersive Railroading

    That pack is set as experimental in Curse thus doesn't work properly with launchers yet.
  9. GameBurrow

    Interest in Transportcraft

    I've been wondering, how many of you guys are actually still interested in Transportcraft project? The reason I'm asking this, is because at this point in time I am now basically doing this alone and I've been thinking in the past week - is there any point for me to continue doing this project...
  10. GameBurrow

    Transportcraft mods & 1.14 compatibility thread - discussions

    Want to add something to our Transportcraft mods & 1.14 compatibility thread ? You know a must have mod in 1.14? You know a alternative to our existing mod in 1.14? Let us know here
  11. GameBurrow

    Transportcraft mods & 1.14 compatibility thread

    MOD LINK COMPATIBLE WITH 1.14 1.14 ALTERNATIVE Redstone Arsenal https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/redstone-arsenal NO Redstone Flux https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/redstone-flux NO Resource Loader https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/resource-loader NO...
  12. GameBurrow

    Transportcraft mods & 1.14 compatibility thread

    Here is the list of our mods and what are compatible with 1.14 version of MC. Want to comment something about this list? Discussions are here: Transportcraft mods & 1.14 compatibility thread - discussions MOD LINK COMPATIBLE WITH 1.14 1.14 ALTERNATIVE AE2 Stuff...
  13. GameBurrow

    Addition of Tinkers' Tool Leveling for Tinkers Construct

    Could you post the link to the addon also?
  14. GameBurrow

    Status update

    I thought it's time to post a small announcement of what is going on as things have been more quiet. Some departures Firstly, I'm extremely sad to announce that both Ranub1s and Vulgarel have left our teams for various reasons. They both have been the pillar bones of our community and I thank...
  15. GameBurrow

    Transportcraft update

    A small modpack update has been pushed to Twitch and onto the server. You can download it here: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/the-society-transportcraft/files/2736513
  16. GameBurrow

    Denied Longer-distance cables

    This problably won't work well on server as server unloads chuncks to save resources etc
  17. GameBurrow

    Valkaryan Warfare

    happysmash27 created this issue 1 day ago This mod adds airships that can be walked and worked on while they are moving. I think it would be awesome for this server! Valkyrien Warfare
  18. GameBurrow

    Denied Longer-distance cables

    happysmash27 created this issue 1 day ago I would like to create a long-distance power network, but it is currently impossible without using the very non-immersive wireless power options. For this reason, I suggest either Alternating Flux, or changing the third D:wireLossRatio to a lower...
  19. GameBurrow

    Colored Lamps

    @bigyihsuan created this issue Feb 10, 2019 I suggested a few mods in the redstone issue I posted. This issue is specifically for redstone lighting options. Technical Lights - Only Project:RED/Redpower-like lamps without the lag, though it's only inverted lamps currently. Colored Lights - Has...
  20. GameBurrow

    Server Crash - Using AE2 Network Tool on my network

    @smellyhippy should this happen again, post your log files