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Automated Forestry Arboretum (Multiblock) not planting trees


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Original author: CrazyOldBird
I have a 3x5x4 multi-block farm built that is not planting trees automatically.

The audio track plays as if it is planting, but nothing plants.
The farm is valid:
  • When I placed the last block the skin of the multiblock changed properly
  • Added power, water, fertilizer and dirt, and all the hummus (dirt) blocks were placed automatically as expected.
  • Added Oak Saplings and the audio started playing but no saplings are planted or consumed
  • Manually planted several saplings. When they grew to trees, the farm auto harvested and collected resources as expected.
  • Power, water, dirt, and fertilizer is being consumed as expected.
Feel free to stop by and mess with the farm as needed, but please either replace any block broken or place blocks in a chest on top of the farm and I will repair when I get on.

Farm located at Fly By Night Industries (FBNI - not yet labeled on map) or at coords: -13641, 65, 18983

Additional info:

I just switched one quadrant to crop farm, and it works fine. It is just the replanting of saplings that fails