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End of Transportcraft


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Yesterday on Discord I wrote how I attempted to get Transporcraft server running normally. Result was that I wasn't able to do it. That combined with the fact that we have lost our MC guru Vulga, most of the staff and frankly my own interest has been dropping more and more I have decided to stop all work on it. Full original post:

Results of my testing
So, it appears that whatever I do, it seems to be impossible to get our modpack running normally on server.

I created a completely separate server for it, I tried a lot of different combinations starting from 4CPU cores and 16GB RAM to 8CPU cores and 32GB and gave all of that to MC server. No luck. I then tried a different combination of server perfomance improvement mods. The best result I had was with TickDynamic and Foamfix. With that the server without players ran fine but still died as soon as player connected.

I will take some time to think over this but considering that + the fact that we have lost most of our MC staff + Vulga, our main MC guru is no longer with us, there is a high chance I will abandon modded minecraft. Should I do latter I will open-source everything we had (modpack itself, server logic) and will upload the world for everybody to use.

Doing this will allow me to cut down my monthly costs a lot (no point in keeping it high if we still can't get the minum performance)
As I promised, server and client have been open sourced if anybody wants to continue the work:

World is downloadable at:
2020-03-12 Transportcraft world (13.4GB)
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