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How to use the modpack in MultiMC


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MultiMC download link: MultiMC
Install modpack: This post
Update modpack: How to use the modpack in MultiMC

How do you install our modpack in MultiMC?

Step 1: Click on Add Instance


Step 2: Choose Import from zip


Step 3: Get the latest modpack version link from Files - The Society || Transportcraft - Modpacks - Projects - Minecraft CurseForge
a) Open the latest file
b) Right click on "Download button"
c) Click on copy link address


Step 4: Paste the link into the url section in MultiMC
Optional: Name the modpack to a name you know


Step 5: Click OK and the modpack will download itself



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How to update the modpack?

Step 1 - 5: Follow modpack installation tutorial by creating a new instance

If you want to get your previous settings, waypoints, screenshots, saves over to the new instance, continue with step 6

Step 6: Navigate to the folders of your old instance and new updated instance (you can access the folder clicking on the instance and clicking on Instance folder)

View attachment 10

Step 7: Enter minecraft folder in old instance and copy following folders
  • journeymap folder
  • saves folder
  • screenshots folder
  • options.txt
  • servers.dat
If asked to overwrite, answer yes.

Step 8: Paste them into the minecraft folder of the new instance

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