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Info & FAQ


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Name of the modpack
The Society Transportcraft

How to install the pack?

Option 1 (Twitch Launcher):
Find The Society || Transportcraft in Twitch launcher and install it.
Option 2 (MultiMC): Follow instructions here How to use the modpack in MultiMC
Option 3 (AT Launcher): Follow instructions on How to use modpack with AT Launcher

Whitelist requests go to #transportcraft-whitelist-request in Discord currently
Bug reports & feature requests go here:

What will be different? What is our aim?
You could say we are going a bit back in time and are taking Traincraft 3 as an example. This time our aim is that the pack doesn't feel as grindy as Transportcraft was and that it's easy for us to maintain. That means we will be running most things out of the box, not a lot of config changes, no item bans etc. We are hoping this will make things more enjoyable to ourselves and to you.

What MC version we are using?

So what about the core of our pack?
Previously we lacked a proper train mod etc This is still WIP but currently we are trying out the following:
Full list of mods
In addition to above mods we have as main mods all TeamCOFH mods, Bibliocraft, Immersive Engineering, Chisel, Extra Utilities 2, Extreme Reactor, @Ferdinand 's great works, JEI, Hwyla, Immersive Engineering, Industrial Foregoing, Iron Chest, Journeymap, Morpheus, Inventory & Mouse Tweaks, OpenComputers, Refined Storage, Storage Drawers.
Full list here: modlist.html · master · thesociety / transportcraft-client
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