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Map Generation Suggestions


New member
I've played around with the settings a bit and come up with this.

The aim was to make a bit more flat land so that large long distance rails can be built more easily, but still keeping the barrier that mountains create.

What I ended up with has tall hills in the middle of the land areas, and large bodies of water.
This provides the barriers to make the map more interesting, and the large areas of water might encourage shipping.

On the flat open areas next to the water, large 4/6/8 lane railways can be built over long distances.
All the variety in barriers on the map means you'll have to get creative with the routing of them.

Space has suggested that the map is currently too big.

I have thought in the opposite direction and wondered if 4k x 4k would be better.
But I can see the value in shrinking the map to bring us all closer together.
And if we're going to do that then I'd suggest considering an asymmetric map size.

The image above is 1k x 2k and that provides enough space for lots of players, while still bringing everyone close.