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OpenTTD: Remove trees?

Remove trees

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Recently a player named Saunter has proposed the following. To remove trees spawning in the server map, cause of performance/authority issues.

A local authority has 500 start rating if you haven't done anything with them yet. Removing a tree on a single tile lowers that rating by 35. So assuming
you would place a 2x7 train station in an area with trees, you would get a rating of 500-35x2x7 = 10. This makes the local authority attitude "mediocre".
Building a station requires atleast -200 rating. So this would mean you can 2 stations assuming the tiles are all full with trees.

And regarding the perforamnce issue, it would be better if boats would be removed, but i dont feel that the game performance is impacted by trees/boats

Lets vote in the poll above if we see more people that would want trees removed. Then @GameBurrow can consider removing trees.