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OpenTTD updated to JGR v0.30.1


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OpenTTD server has been updated to JGR Patch Pack v0.30.1.
Download here:

v0.30.1 (2019-04-05)
  • Fix multiplayer desync when using build and refit (regression in v0.30.0).
  • Bump trunk base from commit 24fc25164a7c4efbf78d28ce9a3dbc22d1f45f5f to commit 66c60e52bac69b752f1dd7b7c599577fcbfa17a1.
v0.30.0 (2019-04-03)
  • Fix crash which could occur when attempting to build a rail station partially off the map.
  • Fix crash which could occur when disaster vehicles were present.
  • Fix mass changing of rail waypoint orders.
  • Fix wrong rail type being used in some circumstances for dual rail type tiles.
  • Fix enabling/disabling timetable automation for a vehicle in some circumstances.
  • Fix viewport hovering and tunnel build viewport length tooltip when hover mode is set to right-click.
  • Fix the show town population in label setting not being followed when also showing the rating.
  • Fix display of restricted programmable signals which use NewGRF graphics.
  • Disallow ordering ordinary road vehicles to tram depots and vice versa.
  • Add UI setting for whether to open the new vehicle GUI when share-cloning.
  • Add company setting for whether to advance order when cloning/copying/sharing (if current depot is in order list).
  • Add client setting for the zoning overlay UI state.
  • Remove town builds bridges over rail setting, feature in trunk.
  • Add Japanese translations by Qwerty Asd.
  • Bump trunk base from commit 690d1dd6a4490821759a6025114e0dc3eb656293 to commit 24fc25164a7c4efbf78d28ce9a3dbc22d1f45f5f.