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OpenTTD updated to JGR v0.30.2


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OpenTTD server has been updated to JGR Patch Pack v0.30.1.
Download here:

v0.30.3 (2019-04-12)
  • Fix crashes on Windows/MinGW caused by race condition at thread initialisation due to incorrect template argument deduction.
v0.30.2 (2019-04-11)
  • Fix crash and/or non-functionality which could occur when using the bootstrap UI to download the base graphics, or when using the content download window.
  • Fix crash which could occur when displaying the origin station of cargo in the station window.
  • Fix crashes related to caching of viewport station sign positions.
  • Fix create group from vehicle list command.
  • Fix rail type conversion of dual track tiles when rail type labels differ at load.
  • Allow diagonal construction of rivers in the scenario editor.
  • Persist the zoning overlay modes in UI setting.
  • Bump trunk base from commit 66c60e52bac69b752f1dd7b7c599577fcbfa17a1 to commit c0836bccefb7fbc6ebc8c5fa28886602067070f8.
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