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Status update


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I thought it's time to post a small announcement of what is going on as things have been more quiet.

Some departures
Firstly, I'm extremely sad to announce that both Ranub1s and Vulgarel have left our teams for various reasons. They both have been the pillar bones of our community and I thank them for sticking with us for as long as they have.

You guys have problably noticed that OpenTTD server has been offline for some time and Transportcraft hasn't received any updates. This is due to the fact that for some time now I've been working on restructuring how our servers run, making life for me a lot easier, including the updates of the servers. Who is interested, then I'm dockerizing our servers, which means I can easily move the servers around between the servers without almost zero configuration.

Transportcraft server of it is almost ready. Once is ready, I will update the modpack also. I actually had to write my own curseforge downloader for this. That was fun. This also means that it's extremely easy for me to set up other curseforge modpack servers, should we want it.

Curse, Twitch and FTB
Some of you may have heard that FeedTheBeast is leaving curseforge platform. They will bring back their own launcher. Does this mean we will also be moving back to them? Depends, how the flow goes. If most of the mods won't leave Curseforge platform then problably no as it is simplest for me to manage our modpack on their platform. However, I'll never say no, we'll see what they come up with etc.