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Transportcraft rules


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  1. Nearest allowed distance between settlements is 5000 blocks, unless you have permission from the settlement that was situated before. Settlement is considered as official settlement when it's added on Live map. Ask GameBurrow to add it.
  2. No griefing
  3. Rail network
    1. Server train tracks will be standard gauge.
  4. Limitations due to bugs & or lag issues
    1. Do not connect a lot of things to refined storage network. It will start causing huge lags. Instead one huge network, create multiple smaller networks
    2. NEW If you are automating your setup (any kind of setup that generates some kind of items, blocks etc), make makes sure to handle the case what happens if the it's full by:
      • turning the setup off automatically
      • have storage drawer with void upgrade so it has a place to push items etc
    3. NEW Make sure your base has enough power, if your devices start fluctuating on/off, they start lagging