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Transportcraft update to


Staff member

Modpack (& server) has been updated to version & approved by Curse. After it has synced on Curseforge, the server will also be updated. (I will post here if server has been updated)

The Society || Transportcraft

Updates Forge to


  • Updates BlackThorne Empire Vehicles
  • Updates Building Gadgets
  • Updates Chisel & bits
  • Updates Crafttweaker
  • Updates Discord Rich Presence
  • Updates FTB Library & FTB Utilities
  • Updates Good Ol' Currency
  • Updates Immersive Railroading
  • Updates Immersive Vehicles
  • Updates Industrial Foregoing
  • Updates JEI
  • Updates Journeymap
  • Updates MTS Heavy Industrial Pack
  • Updates MTS Seagull's Civil pack
  • Updates MTS Seagull's Trin Parts Pack
  • Updates Mantle
  • Updates ModTweaker
  • Updates Moonsprice Metro & Municipal Pack
  • Updates Nuclearcraft
  • Updates OpenBlocks
  • Updates Seagull's civil car pack
  • Updates Simplelogic Gates & Wires
  • Updates Tinker's construct
  • Updates Transport Simulator - Official Vehicle Set
  • Updates UNU Part's Pack
  • Updates UNU Parts pack


  • Updates American Diesel Locomotive Pack
  • Updates American Freight Pack
  • Updates American Passenger Pack
  • Updates American Steam Locomotive Pack
  • Updates Amtrak+
  • Updates Heavy industrial Pack